Enviro conscious is committed to helping establish new standards by which we live our day-to-day lives.

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The Dream Team

Dana Pierrepont

It all began in an elevator on an average work day in March… Little did I know that a short awkward interaction with some guy in a suit would blossom into a lifelong commitment to each-other and a lifelong commitment to leave this world in better shape than we found it.

Through Stuyve’s love for the environment and my passion for creativity and design, most of our favorite moments over the past 6 years have been linked to the outdoors and repurposing or recycling any and everything we come in contact with. From fishing & vineyard excursions in the Shenandoah’s to long trash clean up walks along the Potomac River, being enviro-conscious has become part of our journey together.

I’ll be honest, it did take some time for me to adjust and shift the way I thought about daily recycling and sustainability habits. I can’t pretend I wasn’t SHOCKED when I found out that moving in with Stuyvie also came along with the brand new Worm Farm 360, thousands of worms, and his vision for in-apartment composting in an urban environment (hadn’t seen that before, ha!).

Luckily, my curiosity and excitement for trying new things always get’s the best of me. I love to challenge Stuyvie’s ideas and he loves to sell me on new ways that we can make a greater impact through our day to day actions. It’s been a great ride so far and I’m excited to share the adjustments we’ve made in our home over the past few years so people can see that being enviro- conscious is a state of mind that grows over time, not a massive life overhaul that needs to happen over night.

Stuyve Pierrepont

Many thanks to my father, I have always had a strong appreciation for the outdoors. Through his love for hunting and fly-fishing, it became clear that some of our fondest memories often had to do with sitting in a cornfield on a brisk January morning, watching trout rise on a rural mountain stream, or poling across a grass flat in the Florida Keys.

Through these many experiences, I have truly come to love and appreciate the beauty and magnificence of wildlife and our natural world. There is so much that we can learn by simply watching wildlife in its uninterrupted environment. The importance of patience, persistence, dedication, love, and many more characteristics are often displayed.

From fishing and hunting trips, expeditions across Alaska and Wyoming, environmental study programs in the Bahamas, working at my high school zoo, and summers as a fly-fishing guide, nature has taught me countless life lessons and I have come to truly appreciate its fragility. In addition, through my work as a board member of Potomac River Keepers Network, I have come to understand what it takes to protect it.

I am blessed to have experienced natures beauty in many different ways and want to do my part to help ensure its longevity. It is my goal to raise awareness around common sense concerns and hopefully provide reasonable solutions to help people become part of the solution versus the problem.

Our Commitments


Have Fun With It!!!

When did the term “environmental” become a politically charged controversial topic? I didn’t realize nature gave a crap about what political party was in office. Enviro-Conscious living should spark creativity NOT be a burden. Let’s have fun with it!!!


Financially Prudent

That our recommendations are cost-effective solutions and easy for people & companies to implement. Environmentally friendly CANNOT always be the most expensive option.


Encouragement Is Key!

We ALWAYS look to encourage people to improve, NOT to make others feel guilty for past actions. We MUST focus on taking small steps in the right direction, not looking over our shoulder.


Guilty Pleasures Do Exist

We all have them! It is important that we DON’T belittle people for having guilty pleasures. Sometimes there isn’t an environmentally friendly option available. We MUST focus on finding or creating a solution vs. trying to change others.


Don’t Be A Hypocrite

We will lead this initiative from the front. We will not ask someone to do something or change something we haven’t already implemented personally. We are committed to upholding a “do what I do” environment.


Identify Realistic Solutions

It is essential that we come up with realistic alternatives and recommendations. Our efforts should not result in the disruption of people’s day-to-day lives. It is our goal to reset the standard so that Enviro-Conscious decisions are the easy option.

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