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Does CORONAVIRUS justify throwing Environmentally Conscious living out the window???

By now it is likely that we have all been impacted by COVID-19. I’m sure you have seen a video or two of the grocery store mayhem, if you haven’t experienced it personally.


Y’all don’t need that much TP! #coronavirus

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I was out enjoying the nice weather yesterday, doing a little trash clean-up along the Potomac and guess what the two most common items were that we picked up… medical gloves and sanitation wipes. Does it not feel like we have taken 3 steps forward only to take 10 steps back??? Like we spend all week eating healthy and exercising ONLY to go head first into a downward spiral of drinking and junk food over the weekend. Does COVID-19 justify leniency in being environmentally conscious? Does it have to?

I don’t believe in preaching without practicing, so as I balance on this fine line of productivity and going absolutely stir-crazy, I thought I would share a few recommendations that I am implementing into my day-to-day to try and maintain some level of environmentally conscious decency.

  1.  Plan Ahead. This is NOT “I am legend” nor does this pandemic cause excessive bowel movements. Stockpiling 600 roles of TP from your local grocery store will not make your life easier. There are some incredible brands out there who are committed to making your life easier AND they have made the effort to ensure their products are environmentally friendly!!! Check out my post, Enviro Conscious subscriptions that will ensure you never worry about home essentials again! for a few cost effective ideas. While the majority of the country is officially under shelter in place orders, we cannot ask for a better opportunity to practice social distancing by signing up for those enviro-conscious subscriptions! I promise the costs are comparable if not less than your grocery store brands and you won’t have to worry about being unprepared.


    Challenge: Take a picture with your new subscriptions and tag “enviro_conscious” 🙂

  2. Get Creative! There are some fun Coronavirus DIY projects that will keep your creativity flowing and… best part… they utilize your waste 🙂 . Stay tuned for my post on DIY projects that utilize materials destined for the trash. There are some awesome projects that utilize corks, jars, old candles, dryer lint & sheets, egg cartons, vegetable skins, aluminum, etc… I guarantee YouTube will become your library and this will help keep you entertained if this quarantine lasts another 1-2 months. Scary to think about…

    Challenge!!! Next time you are about to throw something away, quickly type into Youtube, “repurposing {item}”. I almost guarantee you will end up with a new project.

  3. Take Responsibility. In times of a virus I understand that protective products become a high priority and you take what you can get at the grocery store. I have been there and by no means am I perfect. When you are forced to buy single use materials, please please take a few simple steps to ensure that your recyclable waste isn’t getting rerouted to the dump. Check out my posts, “Do You Even Recycle?” Part I and Part II, for a refresher on steps to take. To summarize;

    1. Know what is recyclable through your curbside recycling system (Simply google search your “county/town recycling” for more info)

    2. Rinse your plastics before recycling them

    3. Know it can be recycled, DON’T assume it can be recycled

    4. Pick up a Terracycle Zero Waste box

    5. Make the trash can your last resort

COVID-19 is something we have never seen before and something we all must take seriously. Just because we take this seriously does NOT mean we have to throw environmentally conscious decisions out the window. I encourage everyone to take a few small steps to reduce your waste contribution during these uncertain times.

Stay safe and let’s get creative!!!

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