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The essentials before they are packed up…

The essentials before they are packed up…

Do you have your “S%!t Together”? If you have been following along for the last few posts, it has become clear that we cannot rely on the system to do the responsible thing. We must change our mindset to become part of the solution vs. the problem. In this post, I wanted to outline a few items that I carry with me on a daily basis to drastically reduce my daily waste.


Reusable Water Bottle

1. $12.99 – Don’t hold back! Buy one you love and sticker the hell out of it 🙂 . I bought a $50 Yeti water bottle, sticker’d the hell out of it, and now I carry it everywhere. Linked is a collapsible version if you don’t like carrying a clunky bottle.



Reusable Cup

2. $20 – Same thing… Buy one you love and sticker the hell out of it 🙂 . Linked is a collapsible option if you prefer something more low profile.


Reusable Silverware

3. $11.99 – I think this speaks for itself. There are many different options / materials if you don’t like the texture of bamboo.

Reusable / Collapsible Straw

4. $24.95 – Hate paper straws??? Then this is worth the money. The Final Straw brand did a great job designing a compact, slick, and durable straw with a cleaning tool built in.screen-shot-2020-03-02-at-7.08.28-pm.png


Collapsible Tupperware

5. $15-$20 – Whether you are bringing lunch to work, have leftovers at a restaurant, or want to buy nuts/grains/etc… at a grocery store, Tupperware can serve an important purpose when cutting down single use waste.


Rocket Book

6. $55 – This is a reusable notebook! You take notes, upload them to the destination of choice (Evernote, email, google drive, etc…) and erase the page. There are 3 sizes ranging from a pocket pad to a full size notebook. Pick your poison! I have all 3 which serve different purposes.


Reusable Shopping Bag

7. $10-$30 – They make these bags the size of a roll of quarters. There really is no reason to NOT carry one of these. My wife tells me it’s all about fashion these days so find one you can be seen with! I like the BeeGreen bags because they roll up small and you get 10 of them, which I store in a number of places (briefcase, cars, weekend bag, etc…)


Reusable Produce Bags

8. $12.50 – So simple yet so impactful! I use the Earthwise brand, although there may be more eco-friendly options utilizing organic cotton.


Reusable Food Wrap

9. $18 – Bees wrap is a great option to eliminate the need for plastic/paper sandwich wrapping. I dare you to ask the deli to wrap your sandwich in your Bees Wrap. Let me know if they say no 😉 .

With these 9 items, you can come pretty damn close to eliminating the daily single use waste we encounter. Depending on the day, I carry a combination of the above trying to avoid situations where I am forced to use single use waste. No one is perfect…especially me…but these small steps can go a long way. Now… I have been asked; “aren’t you creating a bunch of waste by going this route?” While this kit is technically made from the same material I am attacking, and it does have wasteful packaging, I do believe we are taking one small step in the right direction. I would bet that if we stack this kit, with its packaging, next to the waste of someone who doesn’t use this kit, there is no comparison.


That being said, I continue to work on solutions that reduce the wasteful byproducts tied to these options while looking to enhance its “compact-ability”. Right now, we are headed in the right direction. Packed up, the above items will compact into the following daily kit.

Packed Up and ready to go!

Packed Up and ready to go!

Help me create a coalition of people committed to ending our reliance on single use material!

Thanks for reading!!! PLEASE share if you have other ideas! Till next time…


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